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Peterborough Opera: Mozart's The Magic Flute

Peterborough Opera: Mozart's The Magic Flute

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Friday 25 Oct 20197:30pm Book Now (Early bird £2 off till 31st Aug.)
Saturday 26 Oct 20194:00pm Book Now (Early bird £2 off till 31st Aug.)

Peterborough Opera presents

Mozart's The Magic Flute

Friday, 25th October, at 7:30pm

Saturday 25th October, at 4:00pm


£15 General / £10 Under 19

Early bird discount till 31st August: £13 General / £8 Under 19

A young Prince travels to a land in search of adventure. He meets a bird-catcher, and a Queen attended by three feisty ladies.  She shows him a picture of her kidnapped daughter, and he falls in love. She sends him and the bird-catcher to rescue her daughter.

When the Prince arrives he finds a temple. He meets the man who snatched the princess, and finds him more benevolent than wicked. The princess hearing of the Prince, falls in love without having seen him.

The Prince and the bird-catcher are prepared to be inducted to the temple band. They are set trials – the Prince does well, but the bird-catcher finds them much more difficult, and he really isn’t bothered about joining the temple band. He just wants to find food, wine and a wife.

For the final trials of fire and water, the princess joins her lover, and they win the approval of the temple.  All therefore ends happily, except for the Queen and her ladies.

In this production, the characters turn up for a first rehearsal, not knowing which part they will sing, and they are chosen with the toss of a coin………