Barnwell Entertainers, Sand Castles

Barnwell Entertainers, Sand Castles

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Barnwell Entertainers present

Sand Castles

Thu 26th March, Fri 27th March and Sat 28th March

Doors open at 7pm with a 7:30pm start

Barnwell Village Hall, Barnwell

Hemington Rd, PE8 5QD

All tickets at £6.

An Englishman's home is his sand castle. William and Margaret Patterson and Stan and Bernice Billet have holidayed in their respective beach huts for years. They don't exactly rule the waves but they have turned the area around their beach huts into a cozy little fiefdom. Then along comes Doug, the ‘renter’ of the middle hut, and his two nubile ‘nieces’ who just want to have fun in the sun.  

The regulars try to teach Doug and the girls their unwritten ‘Laws of the Hutters’ but they don't seem to give a hoot for beach hut protocol. Meanwhile, ordinary holidaymakers encroach on the ‘Hutter’s’ beach space. Confrontation is inevitable…… will there ever be calm again?