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Joe Shute, The Shadow Above: The Fall and Rise of the Raven

Joe Shute, The Shadow Above: The Fall and Rise of the Raven

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Friday 18 Jan 20197:45pm Book Now (Early bird £1 off till 11th Jan.) (Tickets Available on the Door)

Oundle Festival of Literature presents

Joe Shute

The Shadow Above: The Fall and Rise of the Raven

Friday, 18th January, 7:45pm

The Oundle Suite, Fletton House, Oundle

Glapthorn Road, Fletton Way, PE8 4JA

Legend has it that the fate of the nation rests upon the raven, and should the resident birds ever leave the Tower of London then the entire kingdom will fall. While so much of our wildlife is vanishing, ravens are returning to their former habitats after centuries of exile, moving back from their outposts at the very edge of the country, to the city streets. In the past decade there has been a remarkable comeback. Raven numbers have increased by 134% since the turn of the millennium and there are now well over 12,000 breeding pairs across the country.

In A Shadow Above, Joe Shute follows ravens across their new hunting grounds, travelling to every corner of the UK, examining our complicated and challenging relationship with these birds. He meets people who live alongside the raven in conflict and peace, unpicks their fierce intelligence, and ponders what the raven’s successful return might come to symbolise for humans.

Joe Shute is an author and journalist with a passion for the natural world. He studied history at Leeds University, and currently works as a senior staff feature writer at The Telegraph. Before joining the newspaper, Joe was the crime correspondent for The Yorkshire Post.