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W. B. Bartlett: Richard the Lionheart - The Crusader King

W. B. Bartlett: Richard the Lionheart - The Crusader King

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Friday 5 Oct 20187:45pm Book Now (Early Bird £1 off till 28th Sept)

Oundle Festival of Literature presents

W. B. Bartlett

Richard the Lionheart - The Crusader King of England

Friday, 5th October

19:45 - 20:45

St Peter's Church - Oundle

North Street, PE8 4AL

Tickets: £8 / £6

This is the first full length biography of Richard I for forty years. He was known to history as 'Richard the Lionheart', after his reputation for bravery exhibited fighting the 'Saracens' whilst crusading in the Holy Land.

Whilst Richard I is one of medieval England’s most famous kings he is also the most controversial. He has variously been considered a great warrior but a poor king, a man driven by the quest for fame and glory but also lacking in self-discipline and prone to throwing away the short-term advantages that his military successes brought him. In this reassessment W B Bartlett looks at his deeds and achievements in a new light. The result is a re-evaluation of ‘The Lionheart’ which finds that the King is every bit as remarkable as his medieval contemporaries found him to be.

W. B. Bartlett has worked across the globe in almost twenty countries and has spent time in over fifty. He is the author of many history books for Amberley Publishing including titles on the Titanic, Medieval History and Dam Busters.