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Charles Gounod, Romeo & Juliet

Charles Gounod, Romeo & Juliet

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Saturday 14 Apr 20187:30pm Book Now (Non-allocated seating)

Peterborough Opera presents

Charles Gounod's Romeo & Juliet

Saturday, 14th April 2018

19:30 - 22:15

St Peter's Church

Oundle, PE8 4EE

Tickets: £10 Adults/ £5 Under 19s

Non-allocated seating.

Peterborough Opera is pleased to present a concert performance of Charles Gounod’s opera Romeo and Juliet.

The opera in five acts is based on Shakespeare’s famous tragedy, but Gounod takes some liberties with the original for the sake of enhancing the musical possibilities.

Shakespeare’s prologue is sung by the full company who set the stage for the drama of two warring families in Verona.

In this production, the leading Montagues, Romeo, Mercutio and Stephano are trouser roles, and sung by women.

Gounod is faithful to the characters of the protagonists, with Mercutio and Stephano full of fun, and keen to provoke the hated Capulets. Gertrude, Juliet’s nurse is also a lively character and is teased by the young men from both families. Capulet is a fun loving father, without the tyrannical side which is shown in Shakespeare’s play.

The chorus has an important role in the opera, singing dramatic and powerful music to mourn the deaths of Mercutio and Tybalt, and to welcome the proposed marriage of Paris to Juliet