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Catworth Amateur Theatrical Society, Sleeping Beauty.

Catworth Amateur Theatrical Society,  Sleeping Beauty.

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Friday 23 Mar 20187:30pm Book Now (Non-allocated seating) (Tickets Available on the Door)
Saturday 24 Mar 20182:00pm Book Now (Non-allocated seating) (Tickets Available on the Door)
Saturday 24 Mar 20187:30pm Book Now (Non-allocated seating) (Tickets Available on the Door)

Catworth Amateur Theatrical Society presents:

Sleeping Beauty

Catworth Village Hall

Church Road, PE28 0PA

Tickets: Adult £6.50, Under 16 £4.00

In this traditional pantomime by Phil Ward, Princess Aurora is betrothed from an early age to Prince Philip only son of King Presley of Gracelandia.  The evil Fairy Maleficent curses the baby princess to an early death should she prick her finger before her 18th birthday.  Luckily the good fairies, Flora, Fauna, and Mayweather save the day by changing the curse to a long sleep rather than death, and suggest they look after her until she turns 18.  Mayweather is a late stand-in for her cousin Merryweather who has flu, FLU.

Prince Philip and his Royal Aide Harry are wandering in the forest when they meet Rose; beautiful and young of course and the Prince falls in love with her.  Maleficent manages to ensure Aurora pricks her finger and the fairies hide the sleeping Aurora in the castle.  In an epic fight, Prince Philip and Harry escape from capture by Maleficent then slay the evil fairy with help from Flora, Fauna and Mayweather.  The Princess is awoken by a kiss and turns out to be Rose the young girl that Prince Philip met in the forest.  They all live happily ever, after more twists than you can shake a stick at.

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