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The Other Side of Hope (12A)

The Other Side of Hope

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Sunday 19 Nov 20177:45pm Book Now
Oundle Cinema presents


Sunday, 19th November, 7.45pm

West St, Oundle, PE8 4EJ

Cast: Sherwan Haji, Sakari Kuosmanen
Director: Aki Kaurismäki
Release: 2017
Runtime: 1hr 38 min
In Finnish, English, Arabic, Swedish (Subtitled)

If you want escapism far away from La La Land, Kaurismäki, the Finnish master of melancholy wit is your man. His world is a place where jobs are a barely tolerated necessity, everybody smokes and drinks, 1950s/60s vintage clothes, cars, bars and uniforms are preferred; things go off at half-cock and are met with deadpan responses and biting remarks. It’s an enjoyable place to escape to, even though you have to be tough to inhabit it. Night-time mood lighting out of Edward Hopper paintings predominates and, just as in old westerns, there are men and women of honour and generosity, and some who have none.

‘[Kaurismäki's] new a typically deadpan and brilliantly observed comic study of the plight of a fictional asylum seeker in Finland’. Geoffrey Macnab,The Independent