DOCS+ Nae Pasaran (12A)

DOCS+ Nae Pasaran

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Oundle Cinema dOCs+ series present

Wednesday 17th April (7.30pm)


Fletton House, Oundle

Fletton Way, Glapthorn Rd, PE8 4JA

Director:  Felipe Bustos Sierra

Release:  2018

Runtime:  1hr 36min

Edinburgh-based Chilean filmmaker Felipe Bustos Sierra successfully explores political protest in this wonderfully humane documentary about the Rolls Royce factory workers in East Kilbride who showed their solidarity with the people of Chile by refusing to fix the fighter jet engines used by Pinochet in the military coup of 1973. The film explores this modest act of rebellion in an admirably low-key way that emphasises the fundamental decency of the men who took a stand.  Reuniting the key players who risked their careers, the film shows how an act of oppression in a part of the world to which these men had no personal ties was still like a red rag to a bull.

‘But what makes the film special is Sierra’s ability to trace the real-world effect these men had by picking up the story in Chile.’

Alistair Harkness, Scotsman

Post-film Q & A session.