The Sleeper

The Sleeper

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Thursday 19 Apr 20187:45pm Book Now
The Sleeper

Thursday, 19th April

Written and directed by Henry C Krempels (L 08)

0An overnight train, somewhere through Europe. Karina, a British writer, naively reports a woman sleeping in her bunk. Forever connected by this simple action, these two women are played and replayed in the mind of a writer who examines the stories we tell each other and how we choose to tell them.

This innovative new play weaves together the real testimony of Syrian refugees and the personal experience of writer Henry C Krempels.

"Darkness can do strange things to your mind. It’s so easy to make a mistake"

Dark, weird and original, The Sleeper, describes a situation familiar to the thousands of refugees who become stuck somewhere between leaving home and finding a new one.

The Stahl Theatre


£12 Adults
£10 Concessions

"An exceptional piece of theatremaking. Powerful, understated, subtle" The Scotsman