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Nathen Amin: The House of Beaufort

Nathen Amin: The House of Beaufort

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Friday 4 May 20187:45pm Book Now (Early bird £1 off till 27 April)

Oundle Festival of Literature presents

Nathen Amin

The house of Beaufort: The Bastard Line that Captured the Crown

Friday, 4th May

19:45 - 20:45

St Peter's Church, Oundle

Church Road, PE8 4EE

Tickets: £8 adult, £6 concession (early bird £1 off till 27th April)

The Wars of the Roses were a tumultuous period in English history, with family fighting family over the greatest prize in the kingdom - the throne of England.  Many families were involved but none symbolised the volatile nature of the period quite like the House of Beaufort. Their rise, fall, and rise again is the story of England during the fifteenth century, a dramatic century of war, intrigue and scandal both at home and abroad. Many books have been written about individual members of the dynasty, but never has the whole family been explored as one.

The hopes and fortunes of the family gradually came to rest upon the shoulders of a teenage widow named Margaret Beaufort and her young son Henry. From Margaret would rise the House of Tudor, the most famous of all England's royal houses and a dynasty that owed its crown to the blood of its forebears, the House of Beaufort. From bastards to princes, the Beauforts are medieval England's most captivating family.


Nathen is also the founder of the Henry Tudor Society and has featured discussing the Tudors on BBC radio and television, as well as in print and online media across the UK.