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Climate Change Talk with Leo Barasi & David Hone

Climate Change Talk with Leo Barasi & David Hone

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Thursday 18 Jan 20187:30pm Book Now (Early Bird £1 off till 11th Jan)
Oundle Festival of Literature presents

Leo Barasi:
The Climate Majority; Apathy & Action in an Age of Nationalism

David Hone:
Putting the Genie Back; Solving the Climate and Energy Dilemma

Thursday, 18th January 2018, 7:45pm

The Great Hall, Oundle School
New Street, Oundle, PE8 4GH

Leo Barasi is a freelance consultant on climate change policy and campaigns. He writes regularly for the Guardian, New Statesman, openDemocracy and ClimateHome. He was awarded the 2014 Sustainable Futures Prize by Birkbeck, University of London.

Leo Barasi’s important and timely book, The Climate Majority, is not about the climate deniers or the climate activists. It’s about apathy, about those who don’t talk about global warming, the billions of people who have heard plenty about climate change and acknowledge there’s a problem, but who are just not engaged enough to stimulate the change required to stop it.

Preventing extreme climate change is one of the hardest tasks humans have ever faced. Rising nationalism and the US withdrawal from the Paris Agreement are blows to progress. However only by influencing those who have, so far, remained outside the debate, will we have a chance of building a climate majority to back the measures required to avoid disaster.

David Hone works as Chief Climate Change Adviser at Shell International Ltd. and has been involved with the climate change issue for 15 years. He is a board member for the International Emissions Trading Association, (IETA), and Washington-based think tank Centre for Climate and Energy Solutions, (C2ES).

David questions whether it is realistic to believe that workable solutions can be found to cover the full range of services delivered by fossil fuels, and whether warming can be limited to the agreed global goals of the Paris Agreement. Putting the Genie Back explores the climate issue from its very beginnings through to the end of the 21st Century and looks in depth at the transition challenge we collectively face.

Carry Akroyd, Found in the Fields

Carry Akroyd, Found in the Fields

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Friday 23 Feb 20187:45pm Book Now (Early bird £1 off till 16th Feb)
Oundle Festival of Literature presents

Carry Akroyd:

Found in the Fields

Friday, 23rd February 2018, 7:45pm

St Peter's Church
Church Street, Oundle, PE8 4AL

Carry Akroyd is a locally based painter and printmaker whose images examine the relationship between wildlife and the farming landscape, but are just as much about colour and composition.

This event will celebrate Carry’s work and the publication of her second book. At its core is her lithograph series 'Found in the Fields', sixteen images incorporating words from the poet John Clare, a recurring theme in her work. In her painting and printmaking Carry portrays landscapes both familiar and re-imagined, finding wildlife and nature around the margins of agribusiness. Throughout, her enjoyment of colour and sense of composition combine productively with her eye for bird life and botany. This book brings together the persistent threads in her work over a period of years, revealing through the range of media employed all the motifs that evolve as her own personal symbolism for change and continuity in the countryside.

Her work has been displayed in solo show and mixed shows around the country and she displays annually at the Natural Eye Exhibition in London with the Society of Wildlife Artists. "Found in the Fields" is a series of lithographs launched at the Royal Botanic Gardens, Edinburgh during the 2011 Festival, and has since toured numerous venues and will be coming to the Yarrow Gallery in Oundle in March 2018.

Come along and find out more about this talented and dynamic artist in our midst.